Institutional folder of the São Paulo Research Foundation - FAPESP.

FAPESP – São Paulo Research Foundation (institutional)

Folder Ano: 2017

FAPESP is a public foundation, funded by the taxpayer in the State of São Paulo, with the mission to support research projects in higher education and research institutions, in all fields of knowledge. The constitution of the State establishes that 1% of all state taxes belong to the foundation, and the government transfers these funds monthly. The stability of the funding and the autonomy of the foundation allow for an efficient management of the resources that has had a sizable impact. The foundation works in close contact with the scientific community: all proposals are peer-reviewed with the help of area panels composed of active researchers. Besides funding research in all fields, the foundation supports large research programs in areas such as Biodiversity, Bioenergy, Global Climate Change, and in e-Science.

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