FAPESP 60 years (1962-2022): science, culture and development (Annual Report FAPESP 2022)

Outro formato Ano: 2023

Publicação “FAPESP 60 years (1962-2022): science, culture and development” de autoria de FAPESP, parte do Relatório Anual de Atividades da FAPESP de 2022 (Annual Report FAPESP 2022). Abstract: In 2022, FAPESP celebrated 60th anniversary of the enactment of Decree 40,132 by São Paulo State Governor Carlos Alberto de Carvalho Pinto. He signed the decree on May 23, 1962, to approve FAPESP’s bylaws and authorize it to start operating immediately. The official ceremony, held on May 25, was attended by prominent members of the scientific community, political leaders, rectors, pro-rectors, heads of research institutions, corporate executives and researchers, among others. […] In the 60 years since its inception, FAPESP awarded 180,000 scholarships to support the education and training of new researchers, and 130,000 research grants, almost a third of which were for robust, high-value, long-term projects. It also spearheaded major scientific and technological changes in Brazil, such as implementation of the internet, genomics, and bioinformatics. Marco Antônio Zago (presidente do Conselho Superior da FAPESP 2018-atual); Carlos Américo Pacheco (diretor-presidente do Conselho Técnico-Administrativo da FAPESP 2016-atual); Fernando Dias Menezes de Almeida (diretor administrativo da FAPESP 2017-atual); Luiz Eugênio Araújo de Moraes Mello (diretor científico da FAPESP 2020-2023).

Autoria: FAPESP

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