Biodivversity at a glance

Biodivversity at a glance

Livro Ano: 2006

Livro de autoria de FAPESP, publicado em 2006. Abstract: The State of São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), one of the main Brazilian agencies for promoting scientific and technological research, has played an outstanding role in this effort to map this biological diversity, which is essential for the survival of the human species. In addition to funding individual research projects that lead to a better understanding of Brazilian nature, as it has done for four decades, FAPESP contributes to the funding of multi-institutional projects such as Flora Brasiliensis On-line, which should facilitate world-wide research on the plants of Brazil. In other instances, FAPESP funds collective research projects of long duration such as Phanerogamic Flora in the State of São Paulo and Biota-FAPESP program. […]  – Part chapter “Placing a value on konwledge”, p. 8.

Autoria: FAPESP

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